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What is BidCrete?

What is BidCrete?

What do you get when you combine groundbreaking technology, a detailed understanding of the concrete supply industry, and fresh approach? A revolutionary one-stop solution for users to find concrete products from a range of suppliers, at the right delivery time and price! BidCrete is an innovative app designed to help users save time and money on all of their concrete projects.

BidCrete provides fast delivery from the region's leading concrete suppliers, eliminates any jockeying for position in a multiple bid scenario so you don't pay more than necessary, and helps concrete users manage their time by providing clear pricing on specific products that they want.

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Features and benefits for concrete users

BidCrete is an innovative mobile app that allows concrete users to order quality concrete at the best price.

Perfect booking time. Correct truck size.

Best available price, more choices.

Ease of contact + rebooking with supplier.

Easily Rebook and Reschedule your orders

24 hour access, allows flexibility with your ordering.

No phone calls required, no waiting time, less talk time, better service.


Features and benefits for Suppliers - Contractors


Access more customers

Increase customer traffic and business potential.

Quote request contains location

Choose to quote or refuse to quote by location.

Quote includes variety of products

Quote more aggressively depending on stock holdings.

Receive quotes and/orders electronically 24/7

Reduce call centre overheads and/or sales force.

Choose work around truck availability

Choose higher margin work and offer better service.


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The BidCrete app simplifies your next concrete order by providing instant access to the majority of contractors and concrete suppliers in your area. The ability to calculate volumes and prices instantly is going to change how efficiently you operate.

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