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BidCrete – Australian Concrete Ordering App

Who is using our App and why?

BidCrete is an App designed to improve the delivery and purchasing of concrete, saving time and money whilst expanding your choice in supplier. Builders are often time-poor and call the first supplier that comes to mind to order concrete at the last minute. Now with BidCrete, ordering concrete is easy. You can simply go online through your mobile phone or desktop and access your favourite concrete suppliers and order. On your screen, you will be able to make product choices and request a quote, by price, by location and most importantly by booking time. The supplier then has the opportunity to bid for your work in the same way. Creating concrete orders that suit both the builder and supplier.


This makes doing business easier for the Builder and the Supplier!

Always get the best price


Solution EASY


Fill in your order on the BidCrete App


Review your bids & details


Accept winning offer & submit


Your concrete is delivered hassle free and on time

BidCrete Benefits

For Builders

  • Choice

    Perfect booking time. Correct truck size.

  • GPS Locator

    We have installed a GPS Locator and Map in our system to make address entry fast and efficient with autofill and pinpoint placement on Map display. Saving you time.

  • More + competitive quotes

    Best available price, more choices.

  • Cancellations

    Ease of contact + rebooking with supplier.

  • Easier access to suppliers

    No phone calls required, no waiting time, less talk time, better service.

  • Flexibility

    24 hour access, allows flexibility with your ordering.

  • Access

    Access to specials/promotions. More opportunity to make money.

For Suppliers - Contractors

  • Access more customers

    Increase customer traffic and business potential.

  • Quote request contains location

    Choose to quote or refuse to quote by location.

  • Quote includes variety of products

    Quote more aggressively depending on stock holdings.

  • Receive quotes and/orders electronically 24/7

    Reduce call centre overheads and/or sales force.

  • Choose work around truck availability

    Choose higher margin work and offer better service.

  • Opportunity to offer special deals

    More sales.