The new app designed to save builders time and money, and increase profitable business for suppliers.

BidCrete is a new tech start-up, set to disrupt the concrete industry. The idea for the business was created by Michael Toohey, who discovered, after spending months visiting construction sites and talking to builders, that there is a recurring theme; the number one product that builders consistently complain about is concrete!

Common Issues on Concrete Ordering and Delivery

On numerous occasions Builders reported experiencing issues with Quality, Timing and Pricing deliverables. Issues such as trucks arriving on site up to 2 hours late whilst builders had contractors and often pump trucks waiting at the builder’s cost. Then trucks being too far apart – so the second truck would be late which meant issues with joints between the poured concrete already drying and the fresh load. On another occasion a builder reported that the second truck arrived with no sand in the mixture, but luckily this was seen by the pump operator before it was too late. Finally, the ongoing arguments about waiting times and extra delivery charges continue to plague the task of ordering concrete.

Pricing of the product is another issue in the Industry, as for suppliers it seems like a race to get to the bottom. Fixed pricing for certain builders seems to have disappeared completely, whilst suppliers fight for a declining business due to the economic outlook and construction figures being down.

One common theme that Michael found during his multiple trips to sites was, as one builder said, “the day we have to lay concrete is the worst day of any job”.

BidCrete App: Solution for a Timely and Efficient Concrete Delivery from Supplier to Builder

So Michael set out to streamline the whole process of ordering concrete.

“BidCrete is perfectly poised to disrupt the concrete industry and support builders to feel like valued customers as opposed to just another number”, Michael said. “Builders deserve quality product and services, and BidCrete in partnership with the suppliers will bring this to them over time”.

Michael recognises that communication between both parties is the key to ongoing success and higher service levels.

The builder has an opportunity to ask for what he wants and have multiple choices to accept or not. They no longer need to make numerous phone calls or hang on for call centres. Having the ability to order day or night alleviates the pressure of forgetting to order. Often builders are trying to manage a build on site and deal with up to 50 other suppliers and trades.

BidCrete is a convenient utility app for builders and suppliers who are looking to ensure a safe and timely delivery of concrete from the supplier you want and truck that you want, when you need it.

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