Concrete suppliers can access more customers, GEO target jobs and offer specials.

Created by those in the industry for those in the industry, BidCrete can save time, money and effort which will revolutionise the building industry. With the aim in mind to aid suppliers and builders who are struggling to find one another, the creators of BidCrete have developed an online solution which simplifies the process of ordering and delivering concrete to builders that will bolster the link between the supplier and the buyer.

Supplying Concrete Has Never Been Easier

At any time, day, and location with an easy to navigate app (or webpage), ordering, selling and structuring deliveries has never been easier and more user friendly. From receiving orders for stock, to organising drivers depending on location, to final on-time payment, the app has everything that a concrete supplier could need. In the past, supplying and delivering concrete has had its issues, from contacts, delivery routes, delivery distances, quotes and more. Now however, thanks to BidCrete the old ways of buying and selling concrete will quickly become obsolete.

BidCrete and its creators are looking to reinvigorate the building industry by ensuring the quick acquisition and safe delivery of concrete. With the inclusion of BidCrete into your business, all previous problems of time, customer engagement and cost will be lessened. Working alongside builders and suppliers in Brisbane and surrounding south-east areas, this unique method of networking and connection will make everything simpler, allowing more time to focus on more important business aspects.

Specific Benefits for Suppliers on BidCrete

  • Access to a wider range of customers increasing traffic to sites and therefore increased business potential
  • Location-specific quotes providing the option to refuse or accept as required
  • A variety of different products allowing more aggressive quotes depending on stock holdings
  • 24/7 quotes and ordering.
  • 24 – hour access, allows flexibility with your ordering.
  • Receive quotes/orders electronically reducing call centre and/or salesforce
  • Choose workaround truck availability and location
  • Opportunity to offer special deals and promotions

BidCrete Foundation

To make a good thing even greater, BidCrete will be using its funds to help those less fortunate. The BidCrete Foundation is responsible for creating scholarships to support two mentors, who will work with victims of domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse and other public issues affecting our society. This program will be based on the clients paying part fees, and each concrete supplier donating 20 cents per cubic meter. BidCrete will also use these funds to devote more resources to working with homeless people around Brisbane and the South-East of Queensland. We are passionate about ending homelessness and domestic violence and want to incorporate our wonderful idea that is BidCrete with a positive goal in mind of helping others. We hope you enjoy our new app and that it helps you in every aspect of your business. Follow along with us as we constant look to improve in any way we can.

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