Michael Toohey - BidCrete Founder and CEO

Michael is the founder and CEO of BidCrete Pty Ltd. Throughout his extensive career, he has been involved in numerous business sectors, including Accounting, Finance and Construction, I.T. and Retail. Michael has held senior positions in Sales and Marketing, through General Management and across to various CEO roles. Michael has an entrepreneurial and creative flair and exhibits exceptional leadership skills in growing businesses.

Prior to BidCrete’s establishment, Michael has been training and consulting with a variety of clients via his business, the Belief Corporation. He still runs the Negotiation Mastery Program for sales teams across Queensland. Michael has consulted to Optometrists, Financial Planners, the Gaming Industry, Fashion Retail, Advertising Agencies, Design companies, Motorcycle Sales, Tourism and Hospitality and Property Developers to name a few.


In the Property Development space, Michael’s previous property finance companies were involved in the structuring of over $3.0 billion in land and construction finance, and also commercial and residential loans over a 14-year period. Since their inception in Sydney in 1993, Michael’s companies Australian Finance Solutions and Aust Mortgage, opened offices in Melbourne and Brisbane and grew to a turnover exceeding $10m. They were sold to a large New Zealand based finance company in 2006.

After working with Residential Builders over the past 14 months, Michael saw an opportunity in the concrete market. In November 2018 he first conceived the idea of BidCrete, which today a Technology Start-Up transforming the way builders order and select concrete suppliers. In April of 2019 Michael started to assemble a team and by July 2019 he was full time on the BidCrete project.

The BidCrete Business will launch to the market mid-October 2019, and Michael plans to expand along the eastern seaboard over the next few months. With the BidCrete App, Michael endeavours to make concrete ordering and delivery to builders easier, faster and economically more viable. BidCrete will also bring value to suppliers, giving them more control over profit and performance.

In line with his past endeavours, Michael places charity work and the transforming of others’ lives high on his agenda. He has devoted much personal time to community projects, social and charity events, particularly in the cycling fraternity in Melbourne and Brisbane, raising important dollars for children with special needs.

Under the BidCrete name, Michael has recently created a Charity drive which will become the BidCrete Foundation. He hopes to have the BidCrete Charity initially fund two scholarships into business and to help to address homelessness amongst Australians on the Gold Coast.