Sharyn Watson - BidCrete Head of CharitySharyn Watson is an accomplished Gold Coast business owner, community supporter of Gold Coast’s homeless population and the new head of the BidCrete Charity. The BidCrete charity, which is to be formally recognised as a foundation in the first quarter of 2020, aims to provide business scholarships and improve lives of individuals affected by the homelessness epidemic primarily in the Gold Coast and South East Queensland areas. The charity is asking suppliers who use the BidCrete App to donate 20 cents per cubic metre.

Sharyn Watson, owner and operator of Watmar Electrical Contractors, has had extensive experience integrating business into the community and charity sector. She was inspired to incorporate community work within her business after being awarded runner up for Gold Coast’s businesswomen of the year; from then on, her involvement and passion for the community has grown each year. One of her most significant achievements was undertaking a home renovation project to make a house more accessible for a member of the community who had sustained a severe head injury during a cycling accident; because of her efforts the gentlemen was able to return home to be looked after by his wife instead of remaining in-hospital care.

Other experience previous to heading up the BidCrete Charity includes The Movement, a non-government funded homeless outreach charity, that provides support, outreach and 3 weekly local homeless feeds; Sharyn was their sponsorship coordinator and was able to raise $48,000 to stage the annual Rockin’ 4 the Homeless Event. She is also a member of The Rotary Club of Hope Island and is their Community Projects Co-ordinator; her main event is the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, a 4-day BBQ that, with the help of 50 Volunteers, feeds over 2000+ people and has raised more than $15,000 every year.

Not only has Sharyn had heavy involvement with various community and charity organisations, she has also founded and launched her own Community Project called Water for the West. Water for the West was started in August 2019 to help the Southern Downs area of Queensland that has been experiencing a 1 in 100-year drought; the project encourages donation of bulk and packaged water for distribution. As of October 2019, the project has received and distributed over 300,000 litres of water, in addition to this, they have been able to distribute an extra 50,000 litres to schools, community groups and businesses all over the country.

Sharyn Watson has had a substantial amount of experience working with charity and community projects centred around homelessness and other societal challenges. She has immense passion and interest for community work here in South East Queensland especially and will clearly be a major asset to Bidcrete and the BidCrete Charity.