The BidCrete App Saves Significant Time and Money on Industrial Driveway Pour for OZZ-CRETE.

OZZ-CRETE is a provider of concreting services to industrial, civil, and commercial developers in Southeast Queensland, specialising in large-scale projects including footpaths and driveways, concrete road pavements, and inlet and outlet structures. They were an earlier adopter of the BidCrete App, first implementing it into their business processes in 2020.


OZZ-CRETE began using the BidCrete App for the convenience of 24/7 access to suppliers and the simple process of ordering concrete for jobs across the state. Due to the size of their jobs, timing is everything and early starts are critical. The advantages created by the BidCrete App allowed OZZCRETE to complete a very challenging pour in November 2022.

The Situation

This job involved a large pour of about 300 cubic metres for an industrial driveway south of Brisbane, in Yatala. Using the traditional process of ordering, the OZZ-CRETE client was unable to secure a delivery of concrete before 10:30am. As a result, the pour would have to be done over 4 days. In addition, staff would have to be paid overtime, as a start time this late in the day on such a large project would result in a very late finishing time. Furthermore, this late start time would have meant that the driveway would be poured in a warmer part of the day, which can affect the finish of the concrete and make it more difficult to manage. Finally, the real issue was that OZZ-CRETE would not have done this job at 10.30am which would have meant the cost of extra holding days on site.

“Stoked to be working with [BidCrete]… they pull us out of a jam all the time.”
Joe O’Brien

The Solution

Thankfully, through using the BidCrete app, OZZ-CRETE found a solution to this problem as they could access multiple suppliers and were able to book concrete for the pour at 5:30am. Due to the early start time, the job could be completed in two larger pours instead of four smaller pours – resulting in a significant amount of time and money savings for OZZ-CRETE and their client.

Access to multiple suppliers ensuring the client was connected with the right one for the job.

24 hours access to the BidCrete app, allowing for flexibility with ordering, cancellation and rescheduling.

Significant time and money savings across the job for all parties involved.