All About the BidCrete Charity and its Upcoming Plans!

Not only is BidCrete disrupting the concreting industry, but it is also making a real difference in the community on the Gold Coast and South East Queensland through the BridCrete Charity.

Another of Michael Toohey’s passions brought to life, the BidCrete Charity was created earlier this year with the aim of improving the lives of individuals affected by the homelessness epidemic around the Gold Coast and South East Queensland. The Charity is headed by Sharyn Watson, an accomplished Gold Coast business owner and a relentless community supporter through her personal work with the homeless populations on the Gold Coast.

“I don’t think anyone should be homeless in a first world country. Every single night on the Gold Coast there are hundreds of empty rooms in hotels and other places, yet many people are still living on the street.”  – comments Sharyn Watson.

I am passionate about helping women in their early 50s and over, this is the fastest growing group of homeless populations. Women who have raised their children and split up with their husbands have not been able to find work and cannot find anywhere to live.”

85% of homeless people as are in their predicament without choice. BidCrete hopes to make real change to this issue, and to raise awareness in the business community. Big corporations are not doing enough to help this issue, whilst trade industries seem to be doing a lot.

“Our passion is not about gaining media attention, but rather dealing with grass roots home-based issues” said Sharyn. “Making continuous and real change is our aim, as well as raising awareness amongst everyday Australians”.

The BidCrete Charity idea stemmed from the desire to use funds that come from building new homes, to help end homelessness and relocate people living on the street. Many of these people are in shelters and their cars by no choice of their own. As a solution BidCrete aims to support Mental Health initiatives for the homeless, in the hope that providing Mental Health support as well as secure accommodation, will help drive affected individuals out of the cycle of homelessness.

As part of BidCrete’s income stream, BidCrete is asking suppliers who service the app to donate 20c per cubic metre to support the BidCrete Charity. BidCrete intends to formalise the Charity into a recognised foundation in the first quarter of 2020!